Crew's Affogato Recipe

Crew's Affogato Recipe

Are you looking to enjoy a quiet moment of indulgence? Making your affogato has never been easier. We'll guide you through creating a refined Affogato using Wake The Crew's Liquid Coffee Concentrate. With our convenient 18ml sachets, making this classic Italian dessert is as straightforward as it gets. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or simply seeking a delightful treat, our Affogato recipe is sure to please. Let's get started on this journey of taste and simplicity.


  • 1 Wake The Crew's Coffee Concentrate sachet (18ml)
  • A scoop of high-quality vanilla ice cream
  • A drizzle of chocolate sauce
  • A sprinkle of crushed nuts (optional)
  • A few coffee beans or cocoa powder for garnish (optional)


  1. Begin by assembling the ingredients you'll need. Make sure you have a scoop of your favorite premium vanilla ice cream on hand. Also, prepare the chocolate sauce, crushed nuts (if you prefer), and any optional garnishes.

  2. Scoop a generous portion of high-quality vanilla ice cream into a serving glass or bowl. The creamy, silky texture of the ice cream pairs seamlessly with the coffee.

  3. Open Wake The Crew's Coffee Concentrate sachet (18ml) and gently pour the rich, concentrated coffee over the vanilla ice cream. You can adjust the coffee amount to your taste. 
  4. Now, add a modest drizzle of chocolate sauce to your Affogato. The chocolate sauce provides a sweet and decadent element that complements the coffee's richness.

  5. For an extra layer of texture, consider sprinkling some crushed nuts (such as hazelnuts or almonds) over your creation.

  6. Your affogato, made with Wake The Crew's Coffee Concentrates, is now ready to be savored. The harmonious blend of rich coffee, creamy ice cream, and sweet chocolate sauce offers a refined and satisfying experience. Take your time, savor each bite and sip, and enjoy the simplicity of this elegant dessert.

Our single-serving sachets make the process of making your own delicious affogato effortless, while the rich, concentrated coffee flavor brings a touch of sophistication to your enjoyment. The best part? Your ice cream won't melt so quickly with our liquid coffee sachets!