About Us

We bring you high quality, convenient, fuss-free coffee. 

At Wake The Crew, coffee is Made Effortlessly Enjoyable. We understand the struggle of busy professionals who crave a great cup of coffee but are always on the go. Our Coffee Concentrates were created with the busy consumer in mind – the hustlers, the caffeine addicts, and those who want to start their day right. We've made it easy for you. Just pour, mix, and drink.

What we do

Cold brewing is what we do but what we sell is a high quality and convenient caffeine kick that’s just a pour away. All our coffee concentrates are brewed and packed into single serving sachets and comes in a box! It's super convenient to store and use them -- just tear open the sachet and pour the liquid goodness in around 150ml of water/milk. 

Along our brewing journey, we found that we were generating a lot of organic waste and started working towards finding a way to return these grounds to Mother Nature. We started working with a local community garden to use our organic waste as fertiliser for their edible plots, thus allowing our waste to be reborn into organic fruits and vegetables that are given out to the underprivileged in the community. As we started going down the rabbit hole of waste reduction, this became further ingrained in our business values where we are constantly looking for ways to use responsibly and to inculcate sustainability through circularity.

What's in the future?

We are extremely thankful for the support and love our community of coffee addicts have shown us and we strive to always stay grounded and connected to all our customers. We will continue our mission to onboard more coffee lovers to build an inclusive and diverse community regardless of caffeine preference.

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