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We supply B2B wholesale:

  • Unroasted coffee beans
  • Roasted coffee beans
  • Tea
  • Coffee concentrate sachets 

We have been perfecting and fine-tuning our brewing process in our coffee factory for years, and we are proud to be one of the best coffee bean and cold brew manufacturers and suppliers in Malaysia.

As a wholesale supplier, we are able to supply coffee concentrates in bulk for your company or business to use in making coffee-based food and beverages. Please drop a message and we will get our sales team to get in touch with you.

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Benefits of Wholesale Coffee Concentrates

Looking to enrich your office pantry with the luxurious taste of cold brew coffee? Preparing for a corporate conference where wowing your clients is important? Unveiling a premium café experience in such settings becomes effortlessly achievable through our exclusive range of wholesale coffee concentrate sachets!

Furthermore, our cold brewed coffee concentrates do not have to be refrigerated.

Regardless of whether your establishment has high daily traffic or is just starting out, using our coffee concentrates can significantly save time since you do not have to pull an espresso or brew a fresh pot of coffee from scratch. Not to mention, our sachet coffee concentrates are just as potent as espressos!

To find out more about how coffee concentrates can improve your cafe, bakery or restaurant, you can head on here to find out more!

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