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Drip Coffee Bag - Colombia

Drip Coffee Bag - Colombia

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Freshly roasted Supremo beans sourced from the Huila region of Colombia and graded to the highest screen size. Grown at heights of 1200 - 1800m, the Colombian coffee beans are born from volcanic soils that develop a balanced profile of chocolate and caramel when paired with milk and when drank black, prominent apple and berry like acidity are the main highlights. Wake The Crew's individually packed coffee drip bags are the perfect combination of convenience and quality. Simply hang over a cup and pour hot water through the coffee for a quick and delicious fresh brewed coffee.

Origin: Colombia

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate

Acidity: Low-Medium

Body: Medium Body

8 coffee drip bags in a box

Net weight: 80g

1 drip bag is equivalent to 1 serving of coffee.

How To Use:
Hang 1 bag of drip coffee on the cup, pour 180ml hot water and leave to steep for 3-5 mins.
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